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Tarpaulin trailer

Tarpaulin trailer
See dimensions and capacity of our tarpaulin trailers

What is a tarpaulin trailer?

The sides boards of our tarpaulin trailers are made of aluminium, which makes it easier to secure the goods. Securing goods properly is especially important when transporting dangerous goods. Our tarpaulin trailers are not only safe, they are also approved for TIR (International Road Transports).

What are the dimensions of a tarpaulin trailer?

Below you can find a table with specifications of the tarpaulin trailer. Dimensions and capacity may vary depending on manufacture and production year.


Tarpaulin trailer: Dimensions and capacity

Tare weight

7,200 kg

Payload capacity

32,300 kg

Cubic capacity

90 m3

Length internal

13.62 m


2.48 m


2.67 m

Door opening width

2.46 m

Door opening height

2.65 m

Side opening height

2.65 m

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