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Reefer trailer

Refrigerated trailer
See dimensions of our refrigerated trailers, also known as reefer trailers

What is a reefer trailer?

Reefer trailers are designed to maintain a specific temperature to keep your cargo fresh on arrival. Refrigerated trailers are used for perishable cargo, such as fruit and vegetables, that needs to arrive in prime condition.

Dimensions of a reefer trailer

Depending on manufacture and production year, the dimensions and capacity of reefer trailers may vary more than other trailer types. 


Reefer trailer: dimensions and capacity

Tare weight

9,000 kg

Payload capacity

31,000 kg

Cubic capacity

85 m3

Length internal

13.31 m


2.48 m


2.60 m

Door opening width

2.46 m

Door opening height

2.60 m

Side opening height


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