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Import License

1. What is an import license?

Import is always a field with high development potential. However, to be able to import some goods into the Vietnamese market, an import license is required. 

“An import license is a document issued by a competent authority of a country that allows certain goods to be brought into that country’s territory. Depending on national laws and international treaties, the conditions for granting the license are: Import permits vary by country.”


Currently, there are two types of import licenses:

  1. Automatic import license: A license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to traders in the form of confirmation of import registration application for each shipment. Particularly for goods imported through land border gates and imported from non-tariff zones into the inland, their import registration will be confirmed from time to time.
  2. Non-automatic import license: A license applied to goods that are not on the list of goods subject to automatic import license. To be granted a license, businesses must meet certain conditions set forth by competent state agencies.

2. Documents and process for granting an import license:

2.1. Licensing documents include:

  1. Written request for a trader’s license: 1 original copy.
  2. Investment certificate or business registration certificate, enterprise registration certificate: 1 copy with the trader’s stamp.
  3. Relevant papers and documents according to the provisions of law.

Second, the licensing process is as follows:

  1. Traders send 1 set of documents specified in Clause 1 of this Article directly or by post or online (if applicable) to the ministry or ministerial-level agency with licensing authority.
  2. In case the dossier is not complete, in accordance with regulations or additional explanatory documents are needed, within 3 working days from the date of receiving the dossier, the ministry or ministerial-level agency shall notify the trader to complete the dossier. profile.
  3. Except where the law has other provisions on the time limit for granting a license, within a maximum of 10 working days from the date of receiving a complete and prescribed dossier, the ministry or ministerial-level agency shall issue a written response. merchant’s words.
  4. In cases where the law stipulates that ministries and ministerial-level agencies with licensing authority must exchange opinions with relevant agencies, the time limit for processing the dossier is counted from the time of receiving the response from the competent authorities. Related agencies.
  5. Issuance of amendments and supplements to licenses and re-issuance of licenses due to loss or misplacement shall be carried out according to the following principles:
– Traders only have to submit documents related to the content that needs to be amended or supplemented.
– The time for issuance of amendments, supplements, and re-issuance is not longer than the time for granting export and import licenses.
– In case of refusal to amend, supplement or re-issue a license, the ministry or ministerial-level agency shall respond in writing, clearly stating the reason.
– Ministries and ministerial-level agencies shall, based on the provisions of the Decree and relevant legal regulations, promulgate or submit to competent agencies for promulgation detailed regulations on licensing dossiers and announcements of agencies and organizations. position and address for receiving license applications from traders.

3. List of goods requiring an import license:

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