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Mega trailer

Mega trailer
See dimensions and capacity of our mega trailers

What is a mega trailer?

A mega trailer, sometimes referred to as a jumbo trailer, has movable curtains like a curtain trailer. Most of our mega trailers have a height of 3 meters and raisable top cover, making the trailer suitable for your large volumes and cargo above a certain height.

What are the dimensions of a mega trailer?

Dimensions and capacity of our mega trailers may vary depending on manufacture and production year.

Mega trailer: sizes and dimensions

Tare weight

7,200 kg

Payload capacity

32,800 kg

Cubic capacity

100 m3

Length internal

13.62 m


2.48 m


2.94 m

Door opening width

2.45 m

Door opening height

2.90 m

Side opening height

2.87 m



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